6’8 Bucky Model
Mr Spencer Hayes making it look easy. Photo by @sandiegophotographer
New Noserider for @jordans77 with the works. I love the look of this thing
The Bixby Bridge was built in 1932 making travel between Big Sur and Monterey California possible during the winter months. The design of the bridge, breathtaking scenery around it make it one of the most photographed places on the West Coast.
Camo resin tint 9’6 Streamliner
Happy 61st to this crazy guy @poppadyer
Here are a few of the gems I got at the Hershey Swap…1950s checkered flags used at Auto Club Speedway, Grancor Heads, a vertex flathead magneato, a Victory Tag from the 1940s, original 1928 Delaware liscense plate, old ford country hand painted sign, a set of mechanics coveralls from the 1950s with my initials on them and a 1940s or 1950s Indian Blanket
Hershey Swap was as good as it gets. 35 miles of old gold.  (at Hershey Swap Meet)
Inspired by the lines of Malibu Chips from surfings yesteryears… The Jetson Model. Iv been shaping/riding these since 2010 and  still can’t get enough of them
1932 3 window survivor with an Ardun peeking out the hood-sides. Amazing car. #trog #hamb
The Race of Gentlemen is on!
So psyched for this weekend. If your close do yourself a favor and get here! #trog
Post work cruise in the T. Northeast San Diego county is my favorite
@tmothersdome sunset shredding by @dylangordon
PF Flyers- making El Mirage dry lake comfortable since 1937. @pf_flyers @stackaly @brianawitan