9’ speed shape Singlefin egg for @tmothersdome. Olive 50:50 tint
2015 Spring/Summer samples coming along nicely. #usamade
My best buddy Bowie lost her tail a few weeks ago but that didn’t seem to affect her chillin game. #nationaldogday #bestbuddy
This B3 bomber jacket belonged to Stanley Voth. He was shot down in his Corsair somewhere in the Pacific during WW2 while wearing this jacket which is why it is torn up. I was lucky enough to acquire all his old uniforms from his days in the Army Air Corps during WW2 through his service in the Air Force during the Korean War. The uniforms are cool but the stories and history that go along with them are amazing. #preservehistory #b3 #ww2
I need to spend some time in this room. That 28 phaeton needs some attention
@tmothersdome …… End of Summer Fun
Added a little extra hip to this Streamliner
The wife and I took my brothers 55 wagon for a spin to the VFW to enjoy this beautiful Delaware summer day
This is an experimental board I made myself for my last trip to Japan. I wanted to make a really fast, good turning log that had a similar feel to a 1967 G&S Skip Frye model but was a bit more user friendly and better on noserides. This board was a good first step, it just needs a little rocker adjustment and she should be off to the races!
@tmothersdome enjoying some summertime C Street. Photo by @dhedden
The 28 Phaeton is slowly amassing all it’s essential pieces. The most recent…. A Thickstun PM-7 High Rise intake with two 97’s
Triple stringer Streamliner with pale green 50/50 tint and Volan patches
4 years of marriage and counting with this babe! I love you to the moon and back @sweeeetdee
Such rad times in Japan this last week, thanks to the Kiyomo crew for such an amazing trip.                              #captainshelm #kiyomo #rardc #sketch #holidaypaint #cootie #schott #avirex #aidentify #pippenstore #ontheboardmag #bluemagazine #coastlinemag #8hotel
9’6 Streamliner with a grey/ blue bottom split resin tint  and Chevy hugger orange pinlines